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What are Cotton Fiber Abrasives?

This 30 second video sums up what Cotton Fiber Abrasives are and how they are made. Knowing a bit more about this abrasive line and how it saves finishing steps, can help you decide if it is right for your application. 

Rex-Cut Abrasives is the oldest and primary manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive grinding and
finishing products in the world. Since 1928, Rex-Cut has made abrasive material using a unique process that embeds grain in non-woven cotton fabric. Varying hardnesses and grits are available to produce products that excel on stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and exotics.

Rex-Cut Bonds:

  • GFX –Flexible synthetic latex bond for light deburring, blending, and finishing in one operation
  • JTX –Medium resin bond for light deburring, long life
  • MTX –Hard resin bond for light to medium stock removal, long life

With this proprietary abrasive material, we make Mounted Points, Type 1 Wheels, Type 27 grinding and blending Wheels, Quick Change Discs, and Finishing sticks. Cotton Fiber abrasive products are used in a wide variety of industries including aircraft, aerospace, automotive, shop building, jewelry, tool and die, food processing, medical, energy, and fabrication.

Advantages of Cotton-Fiber Abrasives


Reduced grinding time. Our abrasives consistently reduce finishing from two or three steps, to just one.

Non-loading. Cotton Fiber abrasives are naturally non-loading so they will not clog when working on aluminum.

Cool action. Due to the cotton fiber construction, new grain is continually exposed during the grinding process resulting in a cooler operation.

Smooth, Quiet Action. Our cotton fiber abrasive material is resilient, which creates very low vibration products. Rex-Cut products run chatter free and are easy on the operator.

Application tailored. Many grit, bond, and size options are available to suit specific applications.

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