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How to Finish a Welded Stainless Steel Tube in 3 Steps - Polish Finish

This video explains how to bring a welded stainless steel tube to a polish finish in just three steps. This process is ideal for handrails or tubing.


Claude Gelinas of Rex-Cut Abrasives, demonstrates how to finish a welded corner to match a polish finish.

Step 1. – Use a Fusion Medium Flap Disc to remove the weld working the disc towards the weld. Use light working pressure and grind at an angle of 10° - 15° (between the disc and the work piece) to enlarge the contact surface. Making a back and forth motion across the grain along the tube, will allow the rotational pattern of the disc to match the grain direction. 

Step 2. – With a 2S Fine Unitized disc, blend out the visible scratch marks by working the disc around the rail instead of up and down.

Step 3. – With the felt polishing disc loaded with polishing past, move the disc in the same direction as step 1 and buff to a polished finish.

Each of these products are available in our Stainless Steel Tube Polish Finish Kit.

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