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    Grinding Wheel Test Results: Sigma Green and Sigma Green Max Comparison

    Recently a study was conducted to determine the stock removal rate and life of both Sigma Green and Sigma Green Max. Both grinding wheels are manufactured with the same specialty grain and bond combination and are designed for fast grinding with low vibration. The difference is the thickness. Sigma Green Max is a thicker version of the original Sigma Green. This newer ¼”/6mm thick wheel was engineered for longer life.

    This test was conducted by weighing the wheels and workpiece before grinding, then after 5 minute test intervals. These 5 minute grinding tests continued until the end of each wheel.

    The findings show Sigma Green Max with 40% longer life, 10% higher grinding ratio, and 10% faster grinding ability over Sigma Green.

    Below are the test parameters and results.

    Sigma Green and Sigma Green Max Grinding Wheel Test

    1. Wheels: Sigma Green
      Sigma Green Max
    2. Grinder: Bosch GWS-7-115 (230V  80 m/s)
    3. Workpiece: 304 Stainless 9mm flat bar
    4. Grinding Method
      1. Weigh the wheel and workpiece before commencing grinding
      2. Weigh the wheel and workpiece again 5 minutes into grinding
      3. Check the difference of wheel loss and stock removal in weight; between, before, and after grinding


    Product Weight (g) Thickness (mm) Wheel Loss (g) Stock Removal (g) Time (min) Grinding Ratio Grinding Speed (g/min)
    Sigma Green 98 4.6 49 444 50 9.1 8.9
    Sigma Green Max 137 5.8 68.6 684 70 10 9.8


    Comparison results of Sigma Green Max with Sigma Green
    40% higher durability/ Longer Life
    10% higher grinding ratio
    10% faster grinding speed

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