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    Flatbread Machinery Manufacturer: Finding Efficiency by Grinding and Blending Aluminum in One Step

    Metalworkers know that switching tools during a job is a headache. Facility owners see the bleeding on their balance sheets every day. This is what the country’s largest supplier of pressed flatbread machinery was facing. After the aluminum for its equipment was welded, zirconia flap discs were used to grind down the welds and then surface conditioning wheels were used as a secondary step to remove the scratches and finish the metal.

    The malevolent matter of multiplicity

    This scenario plays out day after day in metalworking and fabrication shops all around the world. There is really no good way to manage the process when two or more abrasive products are used for a single application. The only options are to:

    1. Arm workers with a single grinder and have them waste time constantly switching between abrasive wheels (wastes production time)
    2. Buy additional grinders and keep them equipped with different wheels so workers can more quickly switch between them (higher capital expenditure to buy extra equipment)

    In addition to these immediate problems associated with relying on multiple abrasives, inventory managers must also keep up with multiple SKUs in the storeroom.


    Search for efficiency

    Multiple finishing steps led this major food equipment manufacturer to look for a way of condensing processes to save time and money. Their research and testing lead to the selection of Rex-Cut’s Type 27 Max Flex wheel. Max Flex gave them the cut they needed when grinding aluminum welds and the finish required for food processing equipment.

    The combined grinding and finishing might of Max Flex on aluminum enables operators to start and finish their jobs without ever having to change equipment. The smooth operation of cotton fiber also virtually eliminates vibration, allowing more comfortable and safer conditions for workers.

    For this flatbread machinery manufacturer, the simplicity of a single SKU completing the entire process also streamlines inventory in the storeroom. Managers now have the assurance of knowing that so long as Max Flex wheels are in stock, production will continue uninterrupted.

    You don’t have to manufacture food equipment to take advantage of the time, safety, and economic benefits of Max Flex. Any metal shop that grinds aluminum welds can realize significant savings by implementing this wheel.

    If you’re sick of constantly switching equipment, or operators are complaining about tingling in their arms from exposure to vibration, contact us today to learn if Max Flex can help you boost your efficiency and safety.

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