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    Fall Preview: New Quick Change Disc Coming Soon from Rex-Cut Abrasives

    We’ve talked before about the importance of balance in abrasive wheels — the idea that removal rate, finish, and durability are all important attributes and the focus on one quality should not sacrifice others. Now, we’ve taken this idea to the Max with the development of our Quick Change Disc Max — Rex-Cut’s latest initiative in providing premium abrasives that give maximum performance.

    We combined our 20 years of experience with quick change discs with a new manufacturing process to drive higher levels of material removal while still providing quality, consistent finishes. The result is that Quick Change Disc Max achieves a 40% improvement in material removal rates and leaves the same great finish as our original quick change discs. You will notice this performance enhancement right away.

    But that comparison is against our own high quality Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs. Quick Change Disc Max lasts 4-5 times as long as Non-Woven Surface Conditioning as well as Fiber or Paper backed Coated Abrasive Quick Change Discs. In addition, it removes metal more aggressively compared to Unitized, and leaves a more consistent finish compared to Coated Abrasives. Efficient material removal without sacrificing durability or finish quality was the goal that drove development of Quick Change Disc Max.


    What makes Quick Change Disc Max a better, more balanced discs

    Coated abrasive discs are made by simply gluing abrasive grain to paper. The result is that grinding performance starts to decline after only 30-40% of the total wheel life is used. Wheels of this type are often discarded prematurely when the abrasive begins to wear out and forces disposal of the otherwise good disc. This drives up overall abrasive expenses for manufacturers using this type of disc.

    With Quick Change Disc Max, the abrasive grain is impregnated throughout the whole disc in layers of non-woven cotton fiber that features the strength and durability of lamination. Non-woven cotton abrasives such as Quick Change Disc Max feature a consistent finish throughout the life of the disc, so there is no need to dispose of products that have not seen a full service life. The last finish provided by this wheel is comparable to the first.

    To deliver an even more complete package, Quick Change Disc Max combines superior material removal and durability with a finish that eliminates the extra steps of other products. Here’s an example: Stainless Steel is a popular metal, as it features an oxide surface that is durable, does not corrode and is resistant to bacteria. The more complex stainless steel finishes typically require a multi-step process. The first abrasive wheel used might be a coarse grit such as a typical coated abrasive disc. This is followed by 60 grit, then 80 grit and finally a 150 grit to slowly achieve the needed finish. But QCD Max’s non-woven cotton fiber provides a cushion action while in use, enabling the grit to push slightly back into the fiber, as opposed to the backing of a coated abrasive. This allows the grain to cut aggressively and finish at the same time. This type of wheel reduces the number of steps involved in creating a desired finish. Quick Change Disc Max maintains a cool temperature while blending and finishing, so it won’t discolor stainless steel. In addition, for aluminum surfaces Quick Change Disc Max is non-loading.

    Quick Change Disc Max will be available in a range of grit and diameter sizes, all containing the Max balance that makes this disc truly special. This balanced performance makes the difference in creating a streamlined metal removal process with better, less destructive finishes.

    Quick Change Disc Max will make its official debut at FABTECH 2015 in Chicago this November.

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