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3 Reasons the Aluminator Should be Your Go-to Aluminum Grinding Wheel

Aluminum usage is on the rise thanks to its unique benefits including durability, light weight, and natural corrosion resistance. But if you’re beveling, grinding, or blending this versatile metal, it’s probably caused you a headache or two.

The good news is new technology in abrasive manufacturing has brought significant advancements to abrasive products, and this includes Rex-Cut's reformulated aluminum grinding wheel.

We tested out the Aluminator along with other aluminum grinding wheels on the market. The tests were preformed on 6160 and recorded total metal loss, wheel longevity, and grinding ratio.

Metal Removal

Comparing each test wheel, Aluminator removed the most metal coming in at 190.4 grams of aluminum. This was a full wheel test. Each wheel was run until it was unusable.


The Aluminator is engineered to grind aluminum fast with zero loading. This is possible due to the unique cotton fiber bond, allowing it to resist loading without waxes or lubricants. There are no grinding aids added to the structure of this wheel so operators can grind, blend, and move on to the next step without stopping to clean their workpiece.

Wheel Life

Each test wheel was run on a block of 6061 for it's full life. Below shows how long each wheel lasted. The Aluminator ran for 12 minutes, 148% longer than the average time of wheels A, B, and C.


When comparing the wheel loss of each disc, the Aluminator had a wheel loss of 8.6 grams per minute, 60% less wheel loss per minute compared to the average of wheels A, B, and C.


When it comes to grinding ration, the Aluminator removed 1.84 grams of aluminum per 1 gram of wheel loss.


Paired with the longevity of Aluminator is consistency. From first minute to the last minute, the Aluminator has a consistent grinding rate. The even metal removal translates to a very consistent finish as well.


Our Aluminator wheel offers smooth operator control with very low vibration. Cotton Fiber Wheels are composed of embedded abrasive grains in non-woven cotton material. This bond has a cushion action, allowing it to be very easy to control. Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber wheels are well balanced, increasing the smooth grinding action.

As many shops are looking to improve operator safety, this is a great option to help accomplish that goal of reducing vibratory conditions such as Hand/Arm Vibration Syndrome.

Another benefit of the cushion action and low vibration combination is the reduction of potential gouging mistakes. Because it is a forgiving wheel, the Aluminator will remove aluminum without digging.

Test Numbers

Below are the numbers recorded during the tests.


Find more information on the Aluminator, or locate a distributor near you.

Download a pdf of the testing for the Aluminator grinding wheel below.

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