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Rex-Cut Videos

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Smooth Touch Blending and Finishing Wheels - Demo

Smooth Touch has been designed to offer a greater amount of flexibility and operator feel when compared to our standard line of Cotton Fiber abrasive products.

In this video, Jon Blake, Rex-Cut Products Manager, demonstrates the cushion action, conformability, and finishing capabilities of Smooth Touch. These Type 1 wheels are a new generation of Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber products, engineered for blending and finishing in one operation.

First, Jon uses a Coarse Smooth Touch to break the edge on a stainless steel impeller. Smooth Touch virtually eliminates chatter making it easy for an operator to control. The smooth grinding ability and the cushion action allows this Type 1 wheel to create a uniform, rounded edge.

Next, Jon creates a smooth inner radius. This is where the conformability of the wheel comes into play.

On the last demonstration, Jon puts Smooth Touch Medium to steel to show the consistant surface finish it creates.

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  • Light grinding and deburring
  • Blending, finishing, and polishing