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Why Choose Cotton Fiber Abrasives?

Why are metalworkers choosing cotton fiber abrasives? We thought the best way to answer this question is through a short video. Learn why cotton fiber is used for industrial and fabricating applications and how it can help your production team.


Cotton Fiber Products

We manufacture our cotton fiber abrasive material in-house at our Fall River, Massachusetts plant. We convert the specialty abrasive material and manufacture premium abrasive products including:

Benefits of Cotton Fiber Abrasives

Cotton Fiber Abrasives are often used because they reduce finishing steps, give a very consistent metal removal rate and finish, and have very long product life. Here are some common benefits with Cotton Fiber Abrasives:
  • Grinds & Blends or Deburrs & Finishes in one step
  • Consistent metal removal rate throughout life of product
  • Naturally non-loading on all metals
  • Superior surface finishes compared to coated or bonded abrasives
  • Controlled metal removal
  • Reduce scrapped parts and rework
  • Manufactured using multiple laminates of cotton fiber resulting in long life as well as consistent finish & cut rate throughout the life of the product
  • Low vibration & low noise generation resulting in reduced operator fatigue


Our cotton abrasive products are used throughout the world for a variety of applications requiring medium
to light metal removal, deburring, and finishing. Industries using Rex-Cut Abrasives products include:

  • aircraft
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • ship building
  • jewelry
  • tool and die
  • food processing
  • dairy
  • medical
  • firearms
  • energy
  • cutlery
  • general fabrication


Because we make the abrasive material and the final product, we have the ability to tailor abrasives to specific applications. Our Seat Track Cleaners and Laser Braze Finishing Wheels are two examples.

If you are looking at improving your grinding, blending, or deburring steps, contact us and we will work with you to fit the best abrasives for your application.

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