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    Type 1 Abrasive Wheels Remove Braze to Leave Paintable Finish

    A line of Type 1 non-woven cotton fiber abrasive wheels that are effective for mechanically removing braze and residual oxides from large assemblies are available from Rex-Cut Abrasives.

    laser braze finishing wheels

    Rex-Cut Type 1 Abrasive Wheels feature multiple layers of non-woven cotton fiber with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives that are laminated, pressed, and bonded together into a dense wheel.  Constantly revealing fresh abrasives as they work, these abrasive wheels run cool and are effective for mechanically removing braze, flux, and residual oxides from automobile roof joints and other large assemblies while leaving a paintable finish.

    Preventing loading and the buildup of heat, Rex-Cut Type 1 Abrasive Wheels are suitable for use in EOAT (end-of-arm-tooling) in robotic applications and come in several sizes from 3” to 12” O.D.  Providing greater density than a unitized wheel, non-woven cotton fiber abrasive wheels will outlast unitized by a factor of 10 times.

    Rex-Cut Type 1 Abrasive Wheels are priced according to abrasive grain, bond, size, and quantity.  Samples and pricing are available upon request.

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