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    Preventing Expensive Part Rejection during Deburring & Edge-Breaking

    To obtain smooth finished edges on cast or machined parts without altering the part geometry, a cotton-fiber based mounted point will do the trick.

    The construction of these Cotton-Fiber Mounted Points gives them a cushion action, making it easier for an operator to remove just the burs and sharp edges, in turn reducing the part rejection rate.

    In this video Jon Blake, Rex-Cut Product Manager, describes Cotton Fiber Mounted Points and illustrates why they help with critical deburring applications.

    Jon explains, “Cotton Fiber Mounted Points have a cushion action while in use, making it easier for an operator to remove the burs and sharp edges without changing the part geometry.”

    He then demonstrates a W163 A80 MTX Mounted Point on a high nickel alloy turbine blade. Jon continues, “Due to their density, cotton fiber mounted points will hold up well on an edge, and unlink bonded products, they will not chatter.”

    Jon then adds, “Our Cotton Fiber Mounted Points are produced in 3 main bonds, the softest GFX, medium JTX. and the hardest is MTX. They all work great on steal, but they excel on aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and the tough nickel alloys. All of our points are offered in aluminum oxide and silicon carbide in a grit range from 24 to 320.

    Want specifications on these points?

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