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    Sigma Z: Removes an Average of 24.06 Grams of 304 Stainless Steel Weld Per Minute

    Sigma Z, which blends rapid stock removal and operator control, is engineered for improved productivity.

    Sigma Z is our fasted grinding wheel yet. It removes an average of 24.06 grams of 304 stainless steel weld per minute, up to 15% more than other leading wheels. Sigma Z also excels on steel, galvanized steel, hard face, titanium, and all nickel alloys and superalloys.

    Fast isn't it's only quality. This new wheel is precision-balanced for a noticeably smooth and quiet operation, providing exceptional metal removal rate along with chatter-free grinding.

    This quick video explains why Sigma Z is the wheel of choice for rapid stock removal.


    More information is available here.

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