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Deburring New Pipe Thread & Cleaning Used with Type 1 Wheels

Rusty Covert, Rex-Cut Representative based out of Texas, recently visited the factory. While he was in town, Rusty Demonstrated ways he often sees Rex-Cut Type 1 Wheels being used, shaped to match pipe thread grooves. 

In this video, Rusty shows how the wheels are dressed into a v shape for easier/better pipe thread deburring and cleaning. He sees this shaping technique done in oil field maintenance and new pipe manufacturing.


In this video, Rusty shows the features and benefits of our Cotton Fiber Type 1 Wheel for thread deburring and thread cleaning applications.

First, Rusty demonstrates dressing the wheel to the appropriate thread form. Using a Diamond File, he presses the edge of the wheel to the diamond plate at an angle on each side to form a v shape. Rusty explains, “The advantage to our cotton fiber product over a non-woven nylon type product is that you can not form a thread form shape into a non-woven nylon product due to the density.”

Once the Type 1 Wheel is dressed to the v thread shape, Rusty demonstrates how to take the burr off the lead thread. He explains, “Whenever you thread a pipe, you’re going to get a push-off on your lead thread, which will cause a burr. If the burr is not removed, you can gall your threads when you assemble the pipe together.”

Before Rusty demonstrates cleaning used pipe thread, he continues, “The next application I would like to show you with our Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber type 1 wheel is thread cleaning on used pipe. When you pull pipe apart, you will have a residue of thread lock, dirt, and grime in the threads to where you need to clean this out so that when you put the pipe back together, you get a good seal.”

Want more info on selecting the right Type 1 Wheel for your application? Download our Pipe Thread Wheel data sheet.


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