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Now Available: New & Improved Aluminator

During the past year our R&D department made aluminum grinding a priority and reformulated the Aluminator Grinding Wheel to increase metal removal rate, extend product life, and dial in surface finish consistency. This newly improved aluminum grinding wheel grinds faster and last longer, and it's now ready to be shipped.

The new Aluminator grinds 2.2 times more aluminum weld per minute compared to the original version and as for life, this revised formula outlasts the original wheel by 46%.

We have put this improved wheel to the test. Results show the Aluminator removes on average 190 grams of 6160 aluminum during the life of one 4-1/2” wheel. This comes out to 1.84 grams of aluminum removed per 1 gram of wheel loss, allowing operators to grind more aluminum for a longer time with fewer wheel changes.

Another step reducing benefit of the Aluminator is that it’s naturally non-loading, eliminating the need for operators to clean their work piece of waxes post grinding. This is possible due to its cotton fiber construction, allowing it to resist loading without waxes or lubricants. There are no grinding aids added to the structure of the product so operators can grind, blend, and move on.

“In addition to the non-loading properties, the unique construction provides a very consistent metal removal rate for the entire life of the wheel,” states Jon Blake, R&D Manager. “Unlike other grinding wheels geared for aluminum, the entire working section of this wheel can be used without sacrificing productivity or finish.”

Very low vibration and maximum operator control are other benefits of the cotton fiber bond. The smooth grinding action leaves a quality and consistent finish while reducing potential gouging errors.

The new Aluminator is now available in 4-1/2”, 5”, 6”, and 7” diameters.

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