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Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs Outlast Coated 10:1

Rex-Cut Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs debur edges, grind small welds, and blend machine tool marks with extended life. The proprietary cotton fiber abrasive material provides long product life and consistent metal removal rate.

Suited for all metals, Rex-Cut's Quick Change Discs are non-loading on aluminum, non-smearing on titanium, and cool grinding on stainless steel. The flexible design gives maximum operator control and excellent surface finish while being aggressive enough for metal removal.

"Long life and a very consistent metal removal rate set this product apart," notes Jon Blake, R&D Manager. "Cotton Fiber Quick Change Discs deliver the same metal removal rate from the start of the disc to the finish."

This quick video gives the benefits of our premium Quick Change Discs.


More information is available here.

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