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Cotton Fiber Abrasive Grinding Wheels - What Are They?

Do you wonder what cotton fiber abrasive grinding wheels are and what makes them special?

Are you curious about their advantages? Let us tell you all about them!  


Cotton fiber abrasive grinding wheels are non-woven, abrasive embedded cotton fabric. Our abrasive material is manufactured right here at Rex-Cut. 

 What can they do? 

These grinding wheels can grind, blend and finish welds. They can also deburr metal components while preserving part geometry.  


What are the different kinds? 

These cotton fiber abrasive grinding wheels consist of various hardness and grits.  

  1. GFX: softest: flexible synthetic latex bond for light deburring, blending and finishing in one operation.  
  1. JTX- medium: for light deburring and long life. 
  1. MTX-hard: light to medium stock removal and long life. 

This unique material is converted into various abrasive products that are used for different applications.  

 What are Cotton Fiber Abrasive Grinding Wheels? 

 What are the pros?  

While these cotton fiber abrasive products are used in a variety of industries, like aircraft, aerospace, automotive and jewelry, just to name a few, it is evident that they have many advantages to using them. These cotton fiber abrasives reduce grinding time, as it only takes one step rather than the typical two or three. They are non-loading, meaning that they will not clog when working on aluminum. Within these abrasives, due to the cotton fiber construction, the new grain is continually exposed during grinding, which results in a cooler operation. Lastly, these abrasives are smooth and quiet. Our cotton fiber abrasive material creates very low vibration, creating very little to no sound.  

At Rex-Cut, we are the oldest and primary manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive grinding and finishing products in the world. We have varying hardness and grits available to produce products that excel on stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and exotics. 

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