Application Resources

For more information on specific metalworking industries and which abrasives to select, contact a Rex-Cut expert or take a minute to browse our application resources.

Application Guides & Resources


We want to provide the metalworking industry with more than great products. We are constantly researching and staying on top of new applications. Here are some resources we put together that you might find useful.


Mounted Point Shape Chart mounted_point_chaqrt_button Chart
Abrasive Grain Infographic grain_infographic_button Infographic
Type 1 Wheel Chart type_1_chart_button Chart
Metalworker's Guide to Stainless Steel ss_guide_button-1 Guide
Engineer's Guide to Aluminum aluminum_guide_button Guide
The Future of Automotive Assembly is Laser Brazing laser_braze_button Guide
3 Things Refinery Plant Managers Should Know About Exotic Metals exotic_metals_button Guide
10 Questions Automotive Plant Managers Should Be Able to Answer automotive_guide_button Guide
The Marine Guide to New Welding Technology marine_guide_button Guide
Roadmap to Increased Shop Productivity productivity_guide_button GUIDE
The Aerospace Guide to New Welding Technology aerospace_weld_guide_button GUIDE
The Automotive Guide to New Welding Technology automotive_weld_button GUIDE

Safety Guides

Ensure the safety of your team with general tips on safe grinding, blending, and deburring, as well as detailed safety information regarding specific Rex-Cut products in our SDS Library.