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    Medical Grade Finishing for Orthopedic Implants

    Medical implant manufacturers rely on Rex-Cut for uncompromising quality finishes

    Imagine a foreign body implanted into your body. Maybe it’s a bone plate, or maybe an entirely new joint like a hip or knee replacement. It could even be a bionic, an artificial system that replaces the function of a biological one such as a heart. Advancement in bionics have led experts to estimate a global market value of $17.8 billion by 2017 -- that’s in addition to the growing market for orthopedic implants, which is estimated to reach $41.2 billion by 2019.

    No matter what is implanted in your body, you want it to be as close a match to what your body is expecting as possible; and when it comes to the possibility of bacterial contamination, that better be completely zero. Achieving that requires absolute perfection at every step of the manufacture process.

    Much like parts used for automobile, aircraft, or any other type of manufacturing process, medical implants go through a finishing process to make sure they adhere to extremely tight specifications. After all, they are all custom jobs, designed to be perfect matches for the patients receiving them.


    The surfaces of orthopedic implants must be completely smooth to prevent bacteria from getting trapped inside. They must also be free of any brazes or other imperfections that could cause abrasion against bone which would result in complications. The cost of imperfection can literally make the difference between life and death, so manufacturers keep stringent standards on finishes and tolerances. Any failure can lead to litigation, loss of business, or regulatory action -- perfection must be absolute.

    But the intricacies of medical implant finishing don’t stop there -- the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) scare in Europe pushed the United Kingdom to require that all tools used to fashion anything that enters a human body to be free of any animal based materials. That means no chemicals, lubricants, or materials used in any part of the fabrication process can be derived from animal tissue.






    At Rex-Cut, we have many abrasive products that are favorites of the medical implant industry due to their longevity, precision, and performance. Those are the same qualities sought in many of the other industries served by Rex-Cut, but we also had all of our abrasives used in this market tested and confirmed to be 100% safe, effective, and permitted for use on medical implants in the United Kingdom.  

    Those are the most restrictive standards that we know of, so medical implant producers can be confident that implants finished with Rex-Cut abrasives are suitable for sale anywhere in the world.

    That’s important to us because it validates the high standards that Rex-Cut holds all of our products to internally before they are ever brought to market. Whether working with metals like steel or aluminum -- or medical grade titanium, cobalt, chrome, or more exotic materials -- the same quality finishes and tolerance can be expected by any manufacturer using abrasive products from Rex-Cut.

    Regardless of the end product or what materials are used to forge it,, manufacturers everywhere can count on Rex-Cut to deliver the highest quality finishes and tolerances with products that are reliable and cost effective.