Velocity Mounted Point


Product Description

Velocity Mounted Points are a blend of zirconia and aluminum oxide grain in a resin bond. These aggressive points are for metal removal applications on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Excellent choice for high performance general purpose grinding stones.


  • Zirconia and aluminum oxide blend
  • Aggresive metal removal


  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals


Grain Type

  • Zirconia and Aluminum Oxide mix

Grain Sizes

  • 30
  • 36


  • Resin bond
Size Spec Part Number Max. RPM
A1 D2 ZA30 VB 848000 19,800
A3 D2 ZA30 VB 848001 15,530
A11 D2 ZA30 VB 848002 19,860
W189 D2 ZA30 VB 848003 24,000
W197 D2 ZA30 VB 848004 21,000
W208 D2 ZA30 VB 848005 18,750
W220 D2 ZA30 VB 848006 25,500
W221 D2 ZA30 VB 848007 19,120
W222 D2 ZA30 VB 848008 15,900
W179 D2 ZA36 UB 848010 37,210
W164 D2 ZA36 VB 848009 78,765
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